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Civil War Unit Histories

May 6, 2015

Per Kris:

An excellent source for CW unit histories – overviews, really – is Dyer’s Compendium.

A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion
Frederick Dyer
3 vols.
E 491 .D99 1959

Vol. 3 gives the fundamental unit info, date of organization, battles fought in, etc. In the absence of a published unit history, it can give the researcher a nice quick overview of that unit’s contribution to the cause.

I’m sure the original has been digitized, we have a reprint out on the floor.


There is also a HUGE microfiche collection (E470 .C58 1990) with unit histories, diaries, etc. Each fiche has a unique identifier that you’d need to access a particular item. Titles on this microfiche are individually cataloged in ANSWER and there are guides to the fiche collection on the shelves in the stacks. You can get the unique identifier from either.


Constitutional Amendments, 1914-1963

January 9, 2015

Background material related to amendments to the Michigan Constitution between 1914 and 1962 can be found in RG 84-62, boxes 22 and 23.

Michigan soldiers and casualties in WWI and WWII

November 20, 2013

According to a memo from the Adjutant General’s office in RG 84-107 (box 176, folder ), 186,000 Michigan soldiers served in WWI, with 4,552 casualties. There were 630,000 Michigan soldiers in WWII, with 15,385 casualties.

Pre-1965 Legislative History

November 1, 2013

RG 65-51 (Legislative Services Bureau) has some great records for 1947-1955. They’re arranged by year, then topic (as opposed to bill number).

Michigan License Plates

October 29, 2013

The museum did an online exhibit of license plate colors and styles by year: There is also a pamphlet from the Secretary of State’s office in the filing cabinets by the reference desk.

International Genealogical Index (IGI)

June 28, 2013

This is a massive set of genealogy microfiche. It is located in the cabinets in the vault right after the drawers that are organized by LC call number. They’re arranged by location, then alphabetically by surname. There is a 1988 edition and a 1992 edition, and the drawers are labeled as such.

Corporation Annual Reports

June 25, 2013

The index to annual reports from 1840-1980 is on microfilm reels 9437-9462 ( All record groups with annual reports have been cataloged in ANSWER with finding aids attached. Finding aids can also be searched on Seeking Michigan.

The index to annual reports from 1979-1990 is on a state intranet site ( and on microfilm reels 9634-9657. It’s worth checking the film if the database doesn’t yield results. The reports themselves are on reels 9799-11269. The index refers to reel numbers assigned by the Corporations Division. These numbers are also on the boxes.

Annual reports from 1991-2001 are at the Records Center and can be found in Versatile. Use the steps below to determine which box you need:

  1. Check the indexes that can be found on the Foundation Server under Foundation Base–>Users–>Shared–>Corporations Indexes. This will give you a reel and frame number.
  2. Use the Versatile report (in the same Foundation server folder) to get a box number to request from the Records Center.