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Samuel Oliver Knapp

November 7, 2008

Jackson’s Quiet Promoter
by John Halsey
Michigan History Magazine Nov/Dec 1998


Michigan is Uninhabitable!

October 16, 2008

This is a link to the Benj. Hough to Edward Tiffin letter that talks about how terrible Michigan’s landscape is to survey.   Didn’t help that they were in a swamp during a rainy May and October.

For more information on this and other Territorial Papers, consult the Michigan Territory Papers 12 volume set in the Library of Michigan.

Letter from Benjamin Hough to Edwin Tiffin, 1815

Toledo Strip–Area

March 14, 2008


Source:  Attorney General’s Office, February 1972

“…the exact measurement as calculated by an engineer in the Michigan Department of Natural Resources on February 9, 1972, is 575.75 square miles from Longitude N 86 degrees 32         32 s east to 43 degrees 37    7     north, plus Maumee Bay being 13.75 square miles by using the dash line indicating the boundary claimed by Michigan and Ohio from the Indiana border to Cedar Point, Ohio.”

Survey-Southern Boundary

March 14, 2008


  1. MHC – Cass Letter Book pages 48, 65, 67, 106-7, 145-7, 159, 168. 
  1. Cons-Lands.  “Plat of state line between Ohio and Territory of Michigan surveyed conformably with the provisions of the Act of the Congress of the United States, 20th May, 1812, Authorizing the President of the United States to ascertain and designate certain boundaries.”  Surveyed October 2, 1818.  Scale two miles to one inch.

See:  Memorial to Senate and H of R, January 9, 1818

State Building – First

March 5, 2008

State Building – First


B497 1851

F9 ALS. Detroit, March 4, 1851

To Gov. John Barry from J. E. Schwarz

Requesting rental of triangular piece of land next to state building. Includes sketch of area bounded by W. Fort, Griswold, Campus Martius, and state building. This locates “Hose and Engine H.”

“National House,” State Building,” “Old Railroad depot, the property of the State leased to John LeDue.”

SA Claims and GII Misc-Claims show that LaDue had some difficulty re old railroad depot land.

To: Edward Stimson, Nat’l Bank of Detroit, Det., 32

Southern Border of Michigan

March 4, 2008

Research Boundaries – See Survey – Southern Boundaries

1. See Tracings and maps Michigan-Wisconsin boundary 1851-1910, B-1723.

2. See Streeter: #7382 (facsimilie of this in MSL vault). “Early Michigan History,” a pamphlet collection in two volumes contains above. 8027, 2028, 2025.

3. Sherman, C.E., Ohio Co-operative Topographical Survey, 1916. 1115 pp. See especially Volume 1 – contains bibliography.

4. Ind. Historical Society Collection – Volume 8 (Indiana)

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8. Series of articles and editorials concerning Michigan-Ohio boundary dispute; Wisconsin, though favoring Michigan’s position, did not relish the thought of losing the Upper Peninsula. – Wisconsin democrat (Green Bay), September 1, 1836-March 24, 1840 (Positive microfilm, State Historical Society of Wisconsin)

Federal Supreme Court Cases

270 U.S. 295; 70 Law Ed. 596; 42 Sup. Ct. 290 decided March 1, 1926 (concerns entire boundary)

272 U.S. 398; 71 Law Ed. 315; 47 Sup. Ct. 114 dated November 22, 1926 (contains decree based on the March 1926 opinion)

295 U.S. 455; 79 Law Ed. 1541; 55 Sup. Ct. 786, May 20, 1935 (concerns the Green Bay Section of the boundary)

297 U.S. 547; 80 Law Ed. 856; 56 Sup. Ct. 584, March 16, 1936 (fixes and establishes finally the boundary between Wisconsin and Michigan)

Seal of Michigan – History

February 26, 2008

Seal of Michigan – History


Michigan Pioneer and Historical Society, Volume 30, p.339.