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James J. Strang

March 14, 2008

James J. Strang

RG 97-145 – Photographs

RG 72-136 – Mackinac County Circuit Court

Box 8, F 1,2,8,11

General Photograph Collection


William Poyseor

January 23, 2008


Missionary in the Crystal Falls area.

1.Iron River REPORTER, December 10, 1929.

Governor Papers



Moral Rearmament

July 6, 2007


RG 43, Records of Executive Office (Sigler) General Subject, 1947, 1948

Correspondence, newspaper clippings, memorandum from Director of MRA on Mackinac Island.  Details of repair of Island House, lease of Island House by Mackinac Island State Park Commission, etc.

Information and promotion item regarding their films:  “You Can Defend America,” 1942:  “Ideas Have Legs,” 1947; “Drug Store Revolution.”

RG 62-34 Entry 2.  Records of Michigan Department of Highways

Claim of State of Michigan against MRA, 1939-1959

RG 68-130, B9

Records of the Treasury Department.  Regarding 1961 assessment of Moral Re-Armament properties on Mackinac Island.

RG 69-28, B43

Records of Office of Attorney General.  Correspondence relating to Mackinac Island State Park Commission regarding problems of the Moral Re-Armament group, 1955-1961.

Jews for Jesus

June 12, 2007



Source:  RG 72-17, Records of the Attorney General, Consumer Protection Division


B13 F4 “Israel’s Evangelical Missions, Inc.”  Oak Park, Michigan (c. 1964)


House of David

May 15, 2007

 76-105 AG B 7-10
RG 49 1927
B31 F3

ALS relating to King Ben case sent to the Governor from Francis Thrope, owner-manager of the House of David baseball club; Judge Louis H. Fead, circuit judge who rendered decision in case; George Nichols, attorney for the state; “Mary” (Mrs. Benjamin Purnell) and others.

Two well colored letterheads of the Israelite House of David.

RG 49 1928

Prosecuting attorney submitted bill for services.

RG 49 1929
B 120

Typewritten declarations of faith.

Printed financial state of receipts and disbursements of House of David, January 1, 1928 – December 31, 1928 (not including the Australian Branch).

GII B114 F7

Criminal cases. ALSs to Governor from Prince Michael and Princess Michael Israel (Michael Mills).

Attorney General. Payment of Rewards, Benj. Purnell Matter

Pictures in picture file.

Law Library has four volumes and briefs

RG 76-105 Lot 40

Department: Attorney General, House of David, 1892-1929

RG 53-7 Attorney General Investigation:

Box 3, payment of rewards in Benjamin Purnell case, no. 357, 1927.

State Law Library:

1.  Levy v. Israelite House of David, No. 65, (October Term 1921)

Brief for Appellant and Appellee
Brief for Defendant and Appellant

2.  Israelite House of David v. Hansel et al.,  No. 80, (April Term, 1924)

Brief for Appellants
Brief for Defendant and Appellee, Walter M. Nelson

3.  People v. Israelite House of David, No. 52, Oct. Term, 1928

Records and briefs are bound in 4 volumes

Record, consists of 7 numbered volumes, vol. 7 includes the Opinion of the Circuit Court for the County of Berrien In Chancery
Brief for Defendants and Appellants
Brief for Plaintiff and Appellee
Brief for Part of Defendants and Appellants
Plaintiff’s Reply brief
Reply brief for Part of Defendants and Appellants

Gabriel Richard

May 10, 2007

The manuscripts of Gabriel Richard are housed at the Sacred Heart Seminary, Leo J. Ward Memorial Library, Rare Book Collection and Archives, 2701 West Chicago Blvd., Detroit, MI  48206 (313) 868-2700.

Father Jacques Marquette

May 10, 2007



1.    Catholic Historical Review.  October 1955:  “Father Jacques Marquette, S. J., His Priesthood in the Light to the Jesuit Roman Archives,” by Ernest J. Burrus.

2.    Reply to Rev. Burrus by Francis Borgia Steck, O.F.M., published separately.  See vertical file:  Marquette. Lists queries and footnotes.

3.    The PALIMPSEST, Petersen, William J., ed.  Joliet and Marquette.  Illus.  Vol. XXXIX, No. 6 (June, 1958).

4.    “Father Marquette and the APA:  An Incident in American Nativism” by K. Gerald Marsden in the CATHOLIC HISTORICAL REVIEW, April 1960, p. 1-21.

5.    For information regarding transfer to land ownership of Marquette Memorial site to Department of Conservation, see RG 66-2, Entry 3, 1954, E. (Carbon of letter out from Arthur Elmer to Director, June 2, 1954. R5-U13-57-10, B-46, F-6.

Jacques Marquette – Death Site Controversy

1.    Vertical file – Biography, Jacques Marquette.

2.    Michigan Historical Commission, RG 66-5-A.  B5 F15, Administrative Correspondence – Catherine Stebbins.

3.    Records of the Department of State, Michigan Historical Commission, RG 68-5, B7 F3 & 5, Commission minutes, 1963 and 1965.

4.    Michigan History

a.    Stebbins, Catherine.  “The Marquette Death Site,”  December 1964.
b.    Hamilton, Raphael.  “The Marquette Death Site:  The Case for Ludington,”  September 1965.

Father Jacques Marquette – 300th Anniversary of Landing in New World

The governors of seven states touched by Father Marquette in his discovery voyages through the central United States have been invited to participate in commemorating the 300th anniversary of his first landing.  James C. Windham of Milwaukee, chairman of the National Father Marquette Tercentenary Commission named recently by President Lyndon B. Johnson, said that Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Tennessee, and Wisconsin are being asked to name state commissions.
Source:  Lansing State Journal, January 19, 1966
A five-man Senate committee has appointed coordinators to lay plans for a celebration of the 300th anniversary of Father Jacques Marquette’s landing in the New World.  Selected to work with a national commission  previously appointed by President Johnson were former Rep. Harold Ryan of Detroit, and Stephan T. Spilos, a noted Michigan historical writer.
Source:  Detroit Free Press, March 17, 1966
Kick off dinner in Detroit, September 20, 1966, to announce national program.

State Senator George S. Fitzgerald (G.P.) is chairman of the state legislative committee, which is assisted by a citizens advisory group.

Proposals made by the Michigan committee to honor Father Marquette include establishment of a national park at St. Ignace; and the renaming of the international bridge at Sault Ste. Marie to the Father Jacques Marquette Bridge.

The University of Detroit will sponsor a convocation next spring (1967) featuring Father Marquette and the French exploration period.

There will be a celebration in 1968 of the 300th anniversary of the founding of Michigan by Father Marquette.

Source:  Northeast Detroiter, October 6, 1966