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Kalamazoo State Hospital History

June 12, 2007



See:  DETROIT FREE PRESS – Tuesday, January 21, 1879, page 8.


Kalamazoo Asylum “A terrible History” 4 columns.



Howell Sanitorium

May 15, 2007

Gov II
Delegates   DLE
B 134

Annual Reports for the year ending June 30, 1924.


National Tuberculosis Association, Minneapolis, Minn. 6-17-20-25


B 16
1928-H    New building, patients, etc.


24 pieces
New hospital opening Wednesday, March 20, 1929, at 5 p.m.

Exec file

1925    34 pieces

Mentions reports of Howell T. B. Sanatorium by D. G. L. Bellis, under Dr. Olie.

Reports – Michigan Tuberculosis Association.  Many.  1944, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1955, 1956, available at MSL – Documents.

Miss Marion McClench of State association reports only small amounts of records available at Howell.


1.     Burr, C. B. Medical History of Michigan.  Minneapolis and St. Paul:  Bruce, 1930, P. 642-3.  See index.


Allold boxes, 1905 beginning, 10 pieces

Action of National Association for Prevention and Relief of Tuberculosis.

502, F13

1909-10, 7 pieces

554, F10

1906-10, 11 pieces


1910, 2 pieces




1912, 19 pieces and clippings

Chase Osborn criticizes Howell Sanatorium and replies to newspaper publicity.
Keywords: Infectious disease, tuburculosis

Infectious Disease

May 15, 2007

B 502

Information included in these boxes refer to contagious diseases, founding of State Tuburculousis Sanatorium, State Health Department.

Disease in Detroit—Typhoid.  Detroit Gazette, November 15, 1822.

Health and Medical Insurance

May 15, 2007

Annual Reports of healthcare and insurance companies are in the Insurance Bureau records.

Blue Cross – Began 1929

See Report of Governor’s Advisory Committee on Health Care, 1962, in RG 69-65.

First Blue Shield plan, the California Physicians Service, in 1937.  Michigan Medical Service started one year later.  Others followed rapidly.

Between 1939 and 1949, the Kaiser Foundation formulated the Kaiser Health Plan, and the Health Insurance Plan of Greater New York was organized.  Both boosted pre-payment and group practice.

Harper Hospital Detroit, MI

May 15, 2007

B 309
F 6

Hospitals – Harper


Copy of agreement of Harper Hospital Assoc. with U.S. for care of invalid soldiers of Michigan Regiments.

December 18, 1865.

1866 Report and Statement of Trustees (Constitution and Rules)


Letterhead Harper Hospital, 1887

Harper, Walter.  b.  Londonderry, Ireland, 1794, came to Detroit from Phildelphia in 1832.  He had accumulated quire a fortune in Phil and had come to Detroit and bought a large tract of land, about 1,000 a. in all, in Greenfield Twp., and in Oakland Co.  After having lived on his farm for a time, he returned to Phil.  Later he returned to Detroit.  Died therein 1867, known well only to his immediate neighbors.  He was married twice and had six children by his first, and one child by his second marriage.  (Report of the Harper Hospital, December 31, 1913).

See History of the Farrand Training school for Nurses by Agnes G. Deans and Anne L. Austin.  Alumnae Association of the F. T. S. for Nurses, Detroit, Michigan.   1936.  Burton copy.

P17 Ibid.  “The board to which Mr. Harper and Mrs. Martin deeded their property was composed of the Rev. Dr. George Duffield, Alexander C. McGraw, Jacob S. Farrand, Frederick Buhl., Buckminster Wight, David Cooper, and Dr. George B. Russell…incorporated by an act of Legis, and the board of trustees established.  P 18 first patients were 20 soldiers who had been under government care at the Soldiers’ Home in the old Arsenal building at the NE corner of Jefferson Ave. and Wayne St. 267 patients cared for first yr.


May 10, 2007


See RG 69-65, Records of Department of Public Health
Dentistry correspondence, 1965-1966

Fluoridation of water passed by Detroit common council in 1962 (after ten years of consideration); approved by Circuit Court in 1963; by Michigan Supreme Court in 1964; and by voting public in 1965.  Lansing, Flint, Albion, Hartford, and Detroit voted in favor.

Legislature took no action – Chairman of committee not returned and replacement proved a fugitive from justice (Rep. West).

Eloise Hospital

May 10, 2007

From: Mary L Zimmeth
To: HarveyM
Date: 3/9/98 12:40pm
Subject: Eloise Forwarded
Every once in awhile someone asks us about the state facility, Eloise, which was located in Wayne County. To my knowledge, no one has records, especially case files, from this institution. However, Julie has found one record group that you may want to check out at your leisure. I will be surprised if these files are patient case files.
Also, there is an index to all the state mental health facilities (on microfilm) which includes patient names and case file numbers. (See circular.) This microfilm is closed to the public unless they have okay from department. I think Eloise patients are listed on this microfilm.

RG 62-21

Aerial Photographs @ RG 64-38, volume 10.

Pat Waterman (734 727-7064) of the Wayne County Health Department has access to some Eloise patient information on microfilm. She is also aware of a private hospital that inherited some Eloise Hospital patient records. It sounds like the surviving patient related information is relatively recent. The hospital was closed in 1984. Pat Waterman also mentioned a fire in 1994 or 1995 that damaged or destroyed some hospital records.

She also mentioned a Fred Rembisz (734 727-7373) who works for the Wayne County Aging Office. He apparently is fairly knowledgeable about the history of the defunct facility.