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Elon Hudson

May 15, 2007


1.     Detroit Free Press.  April 3, 1901.  Obit.  B.  Ch.  Co., N.Y., January 23, 1818.  Son of George P. and Deborah (Winsor).  One of 13 children.  Came to Detroit in 1846.  Built and owned ships, “Zachariah Chandler” and “Henry P. Baldwin, Harvest Queen.”  Gave land for Grace Eipsc.  Church on west Fort St., M. Sarah E. Fuller.



May 15, 2007

Murphy, Rowley, “Discovery of the Wreckage of the Griffon” in INLAND SEAS, (Winter, 1955; Spring, 1955.)

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See General Correspondence, 1957 Braidwood, Josiah and Sons.  Source of our photographic print showing the drawing of the Griffon.

Great Lakes Ports and Waterways

May 11, 2007

The Outlook, LXXIX (February 4, 1905), 273-81.

“The Sailor of the Great Lakes,” William Davenport Hulbert [8 photos, 7 ships, men, and places]


Source:  Seaway, April 1956 p. 9

Port Authority Directory:
Board of Harbor Commrs
H.C. Brockell, Municipal Port.
Direc., 710 City Hall, Milwauke 2, Wis.

Chicago Regional Port Authority
360 N. Michigan Ave., Maxim Cohen,
Geb. Mgr., Chi. Ill.

Chamber of Commerce
Port Division Director, Muskegon

City of Buffalo
Ex. Dept., Div. of Port, Buffalo, N.Y.

Dept. of Port Control
121 City Hall, Cleveland, Ohio

Erie Port Comm. Dir., Erie, Pa.

Sarnia Port Authority
Sarnia, Ont.

Toledo Lucas County Port
Commission, Chas. G. Crom.
Asst. to Exec. Dir.
Toledo, Ohio.

Toronto Harbour Commission
E.     B. Griffith, Gen. Mgr.
Bay and Harbour Sts.,
Toronto 1, Ontario

Grand Rapids Port Authority, Dir.
Grand Rapids

Hamilton Harbour Comm., Ross C.
Harstone, Chrm. 605 James Street
Hamilton, Ont.

Lorain Port Auth. Dir., Lorain, Ohio

Monroe Port Comm. Monroe, Mich.

Port of Detroit Comm. Vet. Mem. Bldg.
Sterling St. John, Jr. Ex. Dr.,
Detroit 26

Sheboygan Port Auth., Dir.
Sheboygan, Wis.



1.     U1. S. Lake Survey.  Survey of Northern and Northwestern Lakes Great Lakes Pilot, 1956.  (D103.203:65) Annual with monthly supp. During the navigation season (May to Nov., incl.).  Describes physical conditions and particulars of constantly changing conditions not adapted to adequate and prompt presentation on the charts.

2.     U.S. Lake Survey, Corps of Engineers, 630 Federal Bldg., Det. 26.  The series comprises a general chart of whole lake region, of each entire lake and detailed charts covering harbors, rivers, etc.  See:  Catalog of the Great Lakes and Connecting Waters also Lake Champlain, New York Canals, Minnesota-Ontario Border Lakes.  19p. Back of information sheet carries map of lake area depicted on chart.  (D103.208:956)

3.     Great Lakes – Saint Lawrence Seaway, Vol. I, No. 1, Apr’56.  Port Authority Directory & Map.

4.     Heartland, Sept. 1956.  “Seaway Shore” by H. C. Hienton map of Lake Erie Ports.

5.     Fortune, October, 1956.  See Reader’s Guide for current

6.     Papers of Mich. Acad. of Science, Arts, & Letters Vol. 35 (1949) P. 137-1576.  Illus.  Ballert, Albert G.  “The Major Ports in Michigan.”  Maps showing shipping ports, receiving port, car ferry port, car ferry route, tonages, etc.



1.     Detroit Free Press, April 14, 1901.  Relics of Marine Boneyard.  See also:  Steamers, shipbuilding.  See Walk-in-the-Water.

Steamboat Inspection Service reports (1890’s) available through librarian at Soo Evening News

Summaries and lists of all vessels sailing in the upper lakes – Wisconsin Democrat (Green Bay), September 1, 1836 – March 24, 1840 (Positive microfilm, State Historical Society of Wisconsin)

(Note by Donald Chaput 12-8-67)



1.     Landon, Fred.  “Great Lakes Storm of 1913,” in MH, V.38 (1954), pp. 265-272.

2.     Lyons, Captain S. A. “J. H. Sheolle in the Great Lakes Storm of 1912,” in INLAND SEAS, V.21;pp.16-23.


R-5    Green, Fred W. (18-19)
U-3    Exec. Office Correspondence, 1927-1931
B-12    Correspondence and material relating to the Great Lakes Waterway
Association, 1927.

Grand River Watershed Council

May 11, 2007

Grand River Watershed Council Records
RG 76-136
Regional Authorities

Chief Wawatam

May 3, 2007

Chief Wawatam

RG 99-106
RG 97-282
RG 97-281
RG 94-456
RG 89-379
RG 96-68

Charity Island Lighthouse

May 3, 2007


RG 62-16 Descriptive Notes for Map

Lighthouse established 1857 and discontinued 1940.  Modern owner was Robert Gillingham, Caseville, Michigan.  He reported September 27, 1963, that “Mr. Robert L. Hanson of 1476 North Michigan Avenue, Saginaw, Michigan, has information regarding the Charity Island and the Lighthouse, as he is one of the parties who has an equity in the island.  He has been gathering all the information he can find.”  Gillingham’s sold in 1963 (?) and two islands are to become a resort area.

Orr uses the island in his book, White Gold.