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Indian names of places near the Great Lakes

September 17, 2008

Naming of Detroit is on Page 23

Indian names of places near the Great Lakes
By: Kelton, Dwight H., 1843-1906


Indian Names of the Great Lakes


Native American Voting Rights

March 18, 2008






Complaints – Houghton County.  ALsS regarding refusal to Indians at L’Anse of right to elect civil officials.  Involves Peter Crebassa family. 

Chief Okemos

January 17, 2008

Research – Chief Okemos


Source:  Pioneer History of Ingham County, Adams, Lansing, 1923, 846 pages.  See pp. 193-204.

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Medicine Dance Ottawa Indians

July 6, 2007

INDIAN – MEDICINE DANCE – Me ta wuk (Ottawa)


1.     McCoy, Isaac.  History of the Baptist Missions..1840..Washington.  P206-12.

No Nothing Party

June 12, 2007





1.   Lardner, John.  “That was New York, the Martyrdom of Bill the Butcher.”  Story of Bill Poole and others such as James W. Barker, who ran for Mayor of New York in 1854, and Millard Fillmore, who ran for President in 1856.  Was a major political factor in political history of our country for only two years, 1854 and 1855.  Was anti-Foreigner movement which soon branched out to include anti-Roman-Catholicism, which was the belief of most of the immigrants.


In the New Yorker, March 20, 1954, pages 41-47 and March 27, 1957, pages 38-59.


2.   Mentioned in speech of Duncan Stewart included with speech of Ex-Governor Austin Blair at the Greeley-Brown ratification meeting in Detroit, 1872.  (MSL:  M304, S67)  Speeches of Michigan men in the Senate bound in one. 


3.   Newspapers of period.  See Lansing Republican, June 26, 1855; November 33, 1855 (re:  Convention at Cincinnati); December 4, 1855 (re:  anti-slavery branch). 


4.   Stephenson, George M.  A HISTORY OF AMERICAN IMMIGRATION, 1820-1924.  Boston, Ginn and Company, 1926.  Vi, 316p.  Part 2.  One of his best chapters reviews Know-Nothing activity.


5.   Porter, Kirk H. and Donald Bruce Johnson, compilers.  NATIONAL PARTY PLATFORMS, 1840-1956.  Urbana:  University of Illinois Press 1956.  Campaign of 1856.  pp.22-23.  Party frequently called Native American Party, but they call themselves simply the American Party in their own platform.  The Whigs nominated the same candidate for president as the American party, but repudiated the American Platform and adopted one of their own.


Kinnickinnick Kinnick knick wild tobacco-type plant

June 12, 2007





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Indians – Potawatomi and Ottawa in Oceana County

May 15, 2007



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