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Land Patents

November 7, 2008

1. Check the Federal Land Grants to determine if the land has a Federal Patent, if so direct the patron to the Bureau of Land Management.

Bureau of Land Management Dept. of Interior
7450 Boston Blvd.
Springfield, Virginia 22 153
(703) 440-1600

2.  Get the name of the Patent Holder if possible.
3.  Get Legal Coordinates of the land including quarter sections.
4.  Location R8/8/5-6. Go to DNR 85-50, This will give the parcel, patent land description, purchaser’s name, date of purchase and volume and page number for the patent.
5.  Location R19112-131. Go to Dept of State 94-64, This will give the actual volumes for the Land Patents This record group also has another index to the land patents that can be used to double check the accuracy of the patent. These indices are organized by county then legal description and land type ie agricultural or swamp. They are located on shelves number 1 and 2, Unit 12-13 of 94-64.


Michigan is Uninhabitable!

October 16, 2008

This is a link to the Benj. Hough to Edward Tiffin letter that talks about how terrible Michigan’s landscape is to survey.   Didn’t help that they were in a swamp during a rainy May and October.

For more information on this and other Territorial Papers, consult the Michigan Territory Papers 12 volume set in the Library of Michigan.

Letter from Benjamin Hough to Edwin Tiffin, 1815

GLO Survey and Field Notes

July 1, 2008

If you ever have trouble finding a line in the survey notes, be sure to check out RG 64-52, boxes 10-18.  The are duplicates of the notes in 87-155 and are a good backup.


Edward Tiffin

March 14, 2008


Commissioner of General Land Office, 1812-1814; Surveyor-General for the Northwest, 1814-1829. 

Tiffin papers in Ohio Historical Society, 1813 North High Street, Columbus, OH 43210 include:

  1. Microfilm of copies of correspondence of the Surveyor General, 1796-1824, from originals in National Archives (2 reels, 36 feet). 
  1. U.S. General land Office Papers, Steubenville and Zanesville, Ohio, and Washington, D.C., 1800-1851 (six boxes).
  1. Ohio land office records loaned by State Auditor’s Office (2 boxes), containing 1815 Tiffin-Meigs correspondence, and 1821 Tiffin-Brown letter. 
  1. Samuel Williams Papers and Autobiography, (Williams was Tiffin’s chief clerk during the entire period).  Tiffin items are to be found in Volume I and in Boxes III and XIV.

Thomas Worthington papers may contain pertinent material among Tiffin’s letters to Worthington, 1793-1828.

Sagana Lands

February 26, 2008

Detroit Gazette                                                                                   SAGANA LANDS.

September 8, 1820.

            In answer to a letter of Messrs. A. Edwards and Ch. Larned, dated the 19th July last, to Josiah Meigs, Esquire stating that surveys in the vicinity of Sagana bay are desirable, they are informed by a letter from that gentleman, dated on the 16th ult. That “the surveyor General was directed to cause to be surveyed thirty townships in that vicinity.”  We are informed that the survey will be commenced immediately. 

            We are in expectation of receiving, in the course of two months, a description of that beautiful tract of country which lies in the vicinity of Sagana Bay and river—it will be published as soon as received. 

REMOUNUMENTATION – Land Corner Recordation Certificate System

February 19, 2008

REMOUNUMENTATION – Land Corner Recordation Certificate System

Department of Consumer and Industry Services


Item 21025A (Record Center for given years, 1997)



Ora Labora

January 17, 2008

Ora Labora:

RG 60-8 box 50, folder 7

Petition to Board of control for state swamp lands for drainage ditch.

December 21, 1865