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St. Helena Island

March 4, 2008

St. Helena Island


  1. Michigan History. Volume 10, pages 411-46. “Stories of Saint Helena Island” by Marion Morse Davis. Volume 16, pages 183-199. “About the Evergreen Island of Saint Helena” by Frances Margaret Fox. Volume 22, pages 296-7, “Michigan Islands” by William F. Lawler. See picture file for ruins of cooper shop.

  1. Vertical File: Typescript of Before the Bridge. See cities. St. Ignace, pages 85-6.

See: Victor Lemmer, Gogebic Industrial Bureau, Suite 101, Rosemurgy Building, Ironwood.


Manitou Islands

July 6, 2007


Michigan History Magazine            Volume 1, p. 55-61
Volume 11, p. 345-355
Volume 22, p. 300-301
Volume 33, p. 143

Michigan Pioneer Collections            Volume 30, p. 73-78

Streeter 7899, 7907-7908, 7924, 7936        Laws 1855, p. 198
Laws 1873, vol. 3, p. 87

Local Acts 1895, p. 132
Local Acts 1897, p. 1200
Local Acts 1930, p. 458

Manitou County Records

Census Records

Mackinac Island (general)

July 6, 2007


Box 212

2 ALS reorganization of Military Company at Mackinac 1870, 1872.


Militia.  Old roll of enlisted men in the Mackinac Light Guard, 1872.

See correspondence:  Robert E. Thomas, July 5, 1956



RG 59-13 – Records of Auditor General’s Department.
Entry 15 – Records of Mackinac Island State Park Commission, 1933-34.

Letters in, copies of letters out, financial statements.  Gives number of visitors to Fort and amounts received from admission charges.

RG 67-106 – Conservation Department (Lot 33).
Records of Mackinac Island State Park Commission.
Minutes of Commission, 1859-1961.
Minutes of Board of Trustees of Old Mission Church.
General Administrative Correspondence.

RG 68-24 – Manuscripts Items from Mackinac Island State Park Commission.

RG 68-43 – Conservation Department (Lot 35).
Records of Mackinac Island State Park Commission.  Includes microfilm copy of Post Returns at Fort Mackinac, July 1874-August 1895 (RG 94, Records of the Adjutant General’s Office, published by the National Archives).


Primary sources available in Clarke Historical Library, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

American Fur Company Papers, 1834-1848.
Business correspondence of Gabriel Franchere and John Livingstone, agents at Sault Ste. Marie, with their supervisor Ramsay Crooks, N.Y., agents of other outfits and customers, relating to fur trade and shipping on the Great Lakes.

Port Mackinac Papers, 1802-1856
Bills of lading, affidavits, reports, manifests of cargoes laden on ships, open boats, canoes and shipped from different ports as…to Port Michilimackinac.

Barbeau, Peter B. , 1800-1882 papers.
Personal and business correspondence of a merchant at Sault Ste. Marie, concerning fur trade, real estate business and merchandise shipped to and from the Sault…1834-1872.

Mackinac Island.  Collector of customs.
Correspondence of the Treasury Department auditors office with collectors of customs at Mackinac, concerning lighthouse services and keepers, expenditures, appointments…1818-1847.

Mackinaw Island.  Village Board.
Record book of the Borough of Michilimackinac, including ordinances, acts, records of the elections and meetings of the village officers…1817-1861.

Wendel, Abraham, D. 1851 papers.
General correspondence on prices and delivery of merchandise to Wendel; other material of the business of Lighthouse service around the Great Lakes and Customs service on Mackinac Island, 1818-1857.  Wendel was store owner, collector of customs at Mackinac (1833-43).

Also…Bingham Papers and microfilm from Library of Congress and National Archives.

LANSING STATE JOURNAL, January 26, 1941.  Protest against high fees charaged of people landing on the island.


1.    McKenney – “Sketches of a tour of the Lakes”, 1827.  P386-7.

Isle Royal

May 15, 2007

ISLE ROYALE – 1920’s

GII 67 84

Proposed Legislation, 1923 relates to Isle Royale, its Lands, Lumber, Mines, Park creation, etc.  Mentions Isle Royale Copper Co., Island Copper Co., Isle Royale Land Co.  Box 84 Official, 1923.

Isle Royale Natural History Association incorporated January 25, 1963. Contact person:  Wm. W. Dunniere, 87 North Ripley Street, Houghton.

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Maps (Michigan History Vol. 25, P353.)  Proposed Isle Royale National Park, 1931.  Michigan Geological Survey Map of Isle Royale, 1928.  Plat of Isle Royale—John Farmer, 1858.  Geological Map of Isle Royale, Lane and Stockley, 1897.  Geol. Map of Isle Royale, Charles T. Jackson, 1847.  Lake Superior Coast Chart No. 8, Corps of Engineers, Map of Isle Royale, Rawlings, 1936.

In Michigan History, 31:436, 83, 238, 168, 433-36, 49; 33:335; 34:112, 114, 124.

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4.     Michigan Forestry and Park Association, Annual Proceedings, 30th Conference.  (March, 1956) “Isle Royal National Park,” (4 p.) by Robert Gibbs, Supt. of Isle Royal National Park.