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National Historic Register Files

November 3, 2008

These files are marked as permanant in the State Historic Preservation Office.  Please refer questions regarding state or national historic marker to Bob Christensen (or his future replacement)


Labadie House

June 12, 2007

LABADIE HOUSE Source: 1. Detroit Free Press. April 14, 1901. Oldest house in Detroit, Corner River and 24th Streets. Interior described. Located on property of Mrs. Ira D. Brush.

HABS Historical American Building Survey in Michigan

May 15, 2007

Images in Archives General Photograph Collection

Place    Identification of House    Number of Views

Ann Arbor    Anderson House        1
Ann Arbor    The Breed House        1 plus 2*
Ann Arbor    Sylvan Center        1
Ann Arbor    Dr. Benajah Ticknow House        1
Ann Arbor    Judge Robert S. Wilson House        1 plus 1*
Ann Arbor    Victorian House        1
Ann Arbor    Judge Wilson House        1
Detroit    Fort Street Presbyterian Church        2
Detroit    Old Mariners’ Church        1
Detroit    Mariners’ Church        5
Detroit    Saints Peter and Paul Jesuit Church        1 plus 1*
Detroit    Christ Church        1
Detroit    The Sibley House        1 plus 1*
Detroit    James M. Jones House
Detroit    Fort Wayne        5 plus 1*
Detroit    Sidney D. Miller House
Detroit    Saint John’s Episcopal Church
Detroit    Saints Peter and Paul’s Jesuit Church
Dearborn    Detroit Arsena.
Dexter    Judge Samuel W. Dexter Country House
(Gordon Hall)         4 plus 2*
Dixboro    Dixboro Church
Grand Rapids    Aaron D. Dikeman House        1
Grand Rapids    Boardman Noble House        2
Fort Mackinac    Officer’s Quarters            13
Fort Mackinac    Post Hospital        1
Grand Rapids    Abraham Pike House        2
Grand Rapids    City Hall        1
Grass Lake    Michael Porter House        1
Grass Lake    Michael Porter Stone Smokehouse        1 plus 1*
Grass Lake    Hyram H. Smith House        1
Grass Lake Vicinity    Sidney T. Smith House        2 plus 1*
Grass Lake    Soper House        3
Mackinac    American Fur Company        3
Mackinac    Edward Biddle House        2
Historical American Building Survey
Page Two

Mackinac    Old Mission Church        3
Marshall    Capitol Hill School (4th Ward)        1
Marshall    Chauncey M. Brewer        2
Marshall    Harold C. Brooks        4 plus 1*
Marshall    Honolulu House        2
Mt. Clemens    Log Cabin        1 plus 1*
New Hudson    House        1
Rushton    Alonzo Olds House        2 plus 1*
Scio    Log Cabin        1
Oakland Co. Troy Twp.    Stephen Chatfield House        1 plus 1*
Ypsilanti    The Ballard House        1
Wayne County    Alfred Moore House        3 plus 1*
Tecumseh    Anderson House        2
Tecumseh    Fitzsimmons House        1
Vermontville    Congregational Church        2
Williamston    St. Katherine’s Episcopal Chapel        1
Grand Rapids    Samuel R. Sanford House        1*
Marshall    Daniel Pratt House        1*
Marshall    Tavern        1*
Sharon Twp.
Washtenaw Co.    Michael Porter Barn        1*

*Enlargements available also.

Horace Greely

May 15, 2007

Greeley, Horace

See Cloverland, September 1916, pp. 14, 16

Article and photo:  “Horace Greeley’s Cabin in the Copper Country,” by John Viking

Governor’s Residence

May 11, 2007

2. House on Mackinac Island. House built on state property by Pat Dowd of Mackinac for Lawrence Young of Chicago. Since son Henry Young was in London at the time of the settlement of the estate, the house was sold. Next owners were Mrs. Shearer (?) of Detroit, mother of Mrs. Harlan Highbee, golfer.

3. RG 70-122 B1 F22. Records of the Department of Administration, Budget Division. Selected correspondence, 1959-1960. Includes “Re-conversion of the Barnes Mansion for use as a Governor’s residence,” a report to the governor from the Michigan Society of Architects, December 1948. Dated correspondence, 1943-1956, is included.

Centennial Farms

May 3, 2007


MS 64-55, Lot 1, 1955-1963, 1 box 4/19/4
RG 68-3 State, Lot 20, 1963-1965, Cum. B-2, 5/12/4
RG 68-99, State, Lot 28, 1948-1967, 3 boxes, 10/20/3
RG 73-27, State, Lot 81, 1900-1973, 1 box photos 3/19/5