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Warbach Drawings

March 18, 2008

WARBACH DRAWINGS – RG 89-78 & 94-185


Paris Fish Hatchery

January 18, 2008



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Civilian Conservation Corps Camps

January 18, 2008

Michigan CCC camps are listed with emergency projects they worked on in “The Inventory of Federal Archives in the States,” CD 3301 .H48 XVII

This is in the Archives of Michigan Library.

For individual records contact:, the CCC Museum and Research Center.


Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Records

Persons researching the Civilian Conservation Corps may want to visit the National Association of the Civilian Conservation Corps Alumni web site; of particular interest to researchers is an article aboutresearching CCC Records. The article contains the following advice for obtaining CCC personnel files:

“All personnel files are still held by the federal government. The enrollee or the enrollee’s next of kin may request discharge papers. Discharge papers are the best source to find the company and camps the enrollee was assigned to (see address below).

Other information, including camp and company reports, reside in the National Archives. To date these items are not indexed, but are available for study at the National Archives in Washington, D.C.

Request discharge papers at

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)

National Personnel Records Center

Civilian Personnel Records 111 Winnebago Street

St. Louis, MO 63118”

The web site also maintains a list of all CCC Camps across the country, including camps in Missouri, and NACCCA maintains a CCC museum at Jefferson Barracks County Park St. Louis.

The Local History and Genealogy Department maintains an Information File about the CCC entitled “Works Progress Administration”, and a book, “Roosevelt’s forest army: a history of the Civilian Conservation Corps, 1933-1942”, may be found in the library catalog.

Misteguay Creek Watershed

July 6, 2007


See Report, 1949 in
Selected Correspondence of the Director, Drains

Box 1

Michigamme Reservoir

July 6, 2007


Way Dam built in late 1930’s or early 1940’s.

Wisconsin-Michigan Power Company, Mr. Richard Look, 523 East B Street, Iron Mountain, Michigan

The cascades and rapids on the Menominee River below the junction of the Brule and the Michigamme are discussed in the water power report in the Tenth Census of the United States (Vol. XVII) and also in L.S. Smith’s report on water powers of Wisconsin (Bull. 20, Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey, 1908), and in the several water supply papers of the U.S. Geological Survey dealing with the Great Lakes drainage (Nos. 83, 97, 129, 206, 244, 264).

Isle Royal

May 15, 2007

ISLE ROYALE – 1920’s

GII 67 84

Proposed Legislation, 1923 relates to Isle Royale, its Lands, Lumber, Mines, Park creation, etc.  Mentions Isle Royale Copper Co., Island Copper Co., Isle Royale Land Co.  Box 84 Official, 1923.

Isle Royale Natural History Association incorporated January 25, 1963. Contact person:  Wm. W. Dunniere, 87 North Ripley Street, Houghton.

1.     Michigan History.  Archeology 25:344, 345; bibliography 25:352, 353; copper mining 25:337-342; description 22:281, 282; 25:331-353; history 19:449-456; 22:281, 282; 25:331-353; Indian, copper workings, 6:616; 7:155-162; moose and caribou on 10:472-473; Natural Arch, view of 20:325; natural history survey 6:725; reminiscences of 9:398-412; Franklin Isle Royal Expedition, findings 8:450-468; 25:100, 101; Isle Royale Archeological Expedition 13:308-323.

Maps (Michigan History Vol. 25, P353.)  Proposed Isle Royale National Park, 1931.  Michigan Geological Survey Map of Isle Royale, 1928.  Plat of Isle Royale—John Farmer, 1858.  Geological Map of Isle Royale, Lane and Stockley, 1897.  Geol. Map of Isle Royale, Charles T. Jackson, 1847.  Lake Superior Coast Chart No. 8, Corps of Engineers, Map of Isle Royale, Rawlings, 1936.

In Michigan History, 31:436, 83, 238, 168, 433-36, 49; 33:335; 34:112, 114, 124.

3.     Papers of the Michigan Academy of Arts, Science, and Letters.

4.     Michigan Forestry and Park Association, Annual Proceedings, 30th Conference.  (March, 1956) “Isle Royal National Park,” (4 p.) by Robert Gibbs, Supt. of Isle Royal National Park.

Hunting Licenses and Gun Permits

May 15, 2007

Hunting License & Gun Permit

RG 61-26