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War of the Rebellion online text

September 9, 2009

This is an incredible site that has keyword searches for all 126 of the War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Civil War series.

I had a request from an Italian researcher asking if our General Halleck letter was in the official record.  I just typed in the first sentence of the letter and bam, there it was.  NICE.


Sarah Emma Edmonds Seelye

January 6, 2009

Sarah Emma Edmonds Seelye’s request for a pension.

RG 59-14 Box 95 Folder 6 Doc 1-6,103

Ephraim Shay

February 26, 2008


Biographical sketch and portrait.  PORTRAIT AND BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD OF NORTHERN MICHIGAN.  Chicago:  Record publishing company, 1895 (page 460 for portrait) pages 461-2.

Perry F. Powers.  A HISTORY OF NORTHERN MICHIGAN AND ITS PEOPLE, volume III, pages 1289.  (Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago, 1912)

George E. Pond

January 23, 2008


George E. – General U.S. Army, 1865, 1872-1907

See RG 72-35

George E. Pond enlised during the Civil War in the 21st Connecticut Volunteers. After his discharge in 1865, he attended West Point, graduated in 1872 and was commissioned in the regular army. His career included service at various United States military posts, the Spanish-American War and an assistantship to the Quartermaster General at Washington, D.C. He retired in 1907 with the rank of brigadier general.

First Michigan Colored Infantry

May 21, 2007

Dept. of Military Establishment, record group 59-14.  Records of transfers, discharges, orders and officer correspondence, 1861-1865.

Covert, Michigan

May 21, 2007

Pearl Sarno Collection, Record Group 2006-27.  Integration in small West Michigan Community.

See publication: A Stronger Kinship by Anna Lisa Cox.

Austin Blair Statue – Capitol Grounds

May 3, 2007


REPORT of the Blair Statue Commission, Lansing, Michigan, October 12, 1898.

Authorized by joint resolution of Legislature, May 8, 1895.  Approp. $10,000.00 Edward Clark Potter of Enfield, Mass., sculptor for sum of $7200.  Messrs. Bureau Brothers, foundrymen of Philadelphia.  Pedestal by Messrs. Donaldson and Meier, Architects of Detroit, $2293.94.  I Unveiled 12, October 1898.

Members of Commission:  R. A. Alger, W. H. Withington, John Patton.  Patton took place of Hon. Dwight S. Smith who died in 1897.

Annual reports of the State Board of Auditors offer details of planning and the dedication ceremonies, 1897, 1898.

Correspondence re Blair Monument dedication, October 12, 1898.

B135, F5
B232, F1
B67, F7
B30, F14