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“Michigan Week” Robin logos, c. 1955-1964

March 6, 2012

This post lists the  Record Groups where you can find the Robin cartoon sketch, with different Michigan Week taglines such as “It is Great to Live in Michigan.”

RG 67-92.  Commerce. Michigan Aeronautics.  Box 2

RG 78-33.  Commerce.  Tourist Bureau.  Box 15.

RG 79-2.  Transportation.  Mackinac  Bridge Authority.  Boxes 25, 33, 39,   Box 39 has the logo for 1958, the year, the first year of the Bridge, (which opened in November, 1957).

We have a minimal amount of records from the Michigan Departments of Economic Development and Expansion, but the boxes that I checked did not have graphics.

(Posted by Mary Zimmeth, March 6, 2012)


Warbach Drawings

March 18, 2008

WARBACH DRAWINGS – RG 89-78 & 94-185

Thom Paintings

March 14, 2008
  1. The Americans take over Fort Mackinac
  2. Before History, 10,000 B.C.
  3. The Boy Governor
  4. Mme. Cadillac arrives in Detroit
  5. The Capital moves to Lansing
  6. The Detroit Fire
  7. Detroit – World Port
  8. Furs – Trappers – Traders
  9. Charles Harvey Builds the Locks
  10. Douglass Houghton finds Copper
  11. Jolliet and Marquette
  12. Sieur de La Salle and the “Griffon”
  13. Lewis Cass Expedition
  14. The Iron Horse
  15. Massacre at Michilimackinac
  16. Michigan Fever
  17. Michigan in the Civil War
  18. Michigan Indians
  19. The One-Room Schoolhouse
  20. The Pageant of the Sault
  21. Perry Transfers to the “Niagra”
  22. Putting the World on Wheels
  23. Riches Underground
  24. When Pine was King


January 23, 2008


Applications – 1893




ALS from James Vernor, Detroit, to Governor Rich, 1893. Describes Northville as remote from City of Detroit.

Onstead News, September 1914.

Art relating to political rally.

Phillip Troeger Drawings

January 18, 2008

Phillip Troeger Drawings

Dept. Transportation RG 88-17

MC 379 D 18

Lake Superior Engraving

June 12, 2007





1.         The Old Print Shop Portfolio, Vol. XIV, No. 9.  May, 1955.  P209. 


         Item 20.

Lake Superior -engraving 19”x30-1/2, plus good margins.  Hand colored:  published 1873 by M. Knoedler and Company.  Engraved by Mottram after painting by E. Hopkins ($95.00)


Alva Bradish

May 3, 2007

Bradish, Alvah


1.     Burton, City of Detroit.  Vol. 2, P1194
2.     Detroit Evening News.  1900 1901 etc. p44 ap/19/01.  “Alvah Bradish, one of Detroit’s most interesting characters, passed away the age of 95 years.  He was a genius in both art and literature, and in his earlier days painted the portraits of such men as Washington Irving, Thurlow Weed, Lewis Cass, Austin Blair, and many others.  Once held the chair of arts at the U-M and his lectures are remembered as gems of literature culture.  Until shortly before his death, he retained his studio in the Hammond building, and continued to work as much as failing sight and faltering hand would permit.”
3.     Detroit Free Press, April 20, 1901.  Obit.  Died at St. Luke’s Hospital and Church Home where he had lived for seven years.  Left widow in south and daughter in New York.  Buried Fredonia, N.Y. Eccentric.  Bohemian appearance, long beard and hair, frock coat, slouch hat.
4.     Goodrich, R. K. Bibliography of Michigan Authors.  P18
5.     Hinsdale, B.A.  History of the University of Michigan.  P227