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Ionia County

July 21, 2011

Ionia County was organized in 1837.  Chancery records can be found in RG 66-73, RG 79-51, RG 2010-20.  Most of the records are found in RG 2010-20.

Requirements to use 2010-20.:  You will need Versatile numbers for shelf location. The decree and orders are in volumes.  We have no case files in boxes.  Remember that A before the number means “Archives.”  If there is an alpha numeric identification such as 33A, this is an original designation given by Ionia County.

Overall, the gaps in the decrees/orders seems to be from 1837 to 1856; 1863 to 1873; 1887-1896.  The Common Rule Books of RG 66-73 contain divorce documentation.  The detail is not as extensive as the information found in RG 2010-20.  I doubt that the indexes cover the Common Rule Books.  These are small, notebook journals.  The Circuit Court Journals in RG 2010-20 date 1837 to 1945.  These volumes may fill the documentation gap.

Outline of RG 2010-20:
1.   All indexes are in RG 2010-20. The indexes date: 1845-1880; 1916—1931, 1930-1962, 1963-1990.  A-30 through A-33.

2.   All Dockets are in RG 2010-20.   The Dockets document Chancery cases 1 through 9324. Volumes A – M.  A-55 through A-67.

The index gives docket/case name.  Look up the docket number in Volumes A – M.  Find Decree and Order Citation.

Please remember that the infamous Decree and Order Volume H, 1874-1886 is in RG 66-73.  The rest are all in RG 2010-20:

3.  Decrees and orders, K – Z. 1901-1943.  A-34 though A-47.

4. Decree and orders, K an L.  Date: 1941 to 1963.  A-48 through A-49.

5.  Decrees and orders, 1897 to 1932. A-50 through A-54.  I have no explanation for the overlapping dates.  If you discover one, let me know.

6.  Decree and Order, 1857 to 1862.  See Volume  A-33A.

7. Chancery Court Calendar, 1849  See Volume A-34A.

Can’t find your record in RG 2010-20?  Look at these Record Groups:


7.  RG 66-73.  Common Rule Books/Blotter, 1839-1886.  (Volumes 30-35) (Infamous Volume H. is in this group.)

8.  RG 2010-20.  Circuit Court Journal.  1837-1945.  A-77 through A-98.

9.  RG 79-51.  Chancery Record, 1848-1894.  Boxes 1 and 2.  Results have not been good with this record group.  Nevertheless, patron should be given option.

I think that this ends the discussion about 19th Century divorces in Ionia County.  If you find the Decree and Orders books marked  Volumes A, B, C, D, E, F, G, I, J, let me know.