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Land Patents

November 7, 2008

1. Check the Federal Land Grants to determine if the land has a Federal Patent, if so direct the patron to the Bureau of Land Management.

Bureau of Land Management Dept. of Interior
7450 Boston Blvd.
Springfield, Virginia 22 153
(703) 440-1600

2.  Get the name of the Patent Holder if possible.
3.  Get Legal Coordinates of the land including quarter sections.
4.  Location R8/8/5-6. Go to DNR 85-50, This will give the parcel, patent land description, purchaser’s name, date of purchase and volume and page number for the patent.
5.  Location R19112-131. Go to Dept of State 94-64, This will give the actual volumes for the Land Patents This record group also has another index to the land patents that can be used to double check the accuracy of the patent. These indices are organized by county then legal description and land type ie agricultural or swamp. They are located on shelves number 1 and 2, Unit 12-13 of 94-64.


The Story of Michigan License Plates

November 7, 2008

The Story of Michigan License Plates
James M. Hare, Secretary of State
Published by the Michigan Department of State

Samuel Oliver Knapp

November 7, 2008

Jackson’s Quiet Promoter
by John Halsey
Michigan History Magazine Nov/Dec 1998

Photographs of Prohibition/Bootlegging/Stills

November 5, 2008

General Photos. Prohibition Folder

State Police RG 79-45. Photographic Prints. Boxes 25, 26, 27, 28.

Also newspaper scrapbooks from 1930s.

National Historic Register Files

November 3, 2008

These files are marked as permanant in the State Historic Preservation Office.  Please refer questions regarding state or national historic marker to Bob Christensen (or his future replacement)