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Mason, Stevens T.

November 19, 2007

Stevens T. Mason papers are at the Bentley Historical Library and the Archives of Michigan (Record Group 44)

Link to Mason Burial Article

Buried in Detroit Capitol Park

Michigan Pioneer and Historical Collection, volume 35, page 32.


German Prisoners in Michigan (World War II)

November 13, 2007

See Michigan History Magazine, Sept./Oct. 1989 issue. 

Other secondary sources (not in the Archives of Michigan):

 MelCat turned up two graduate theses-

William R. Lowe.  Working for Eighty Cents a Day:  German Prisoners of War in Michigan, 1946.  Eastern Michigan thesis, 1995.  There is a copy in the Bayliss Public Library.

Philip J. Proud.  A Study of the Reeducation of German Prisoners of War at Fort Custer, Michigan, 1945-1946.  University of Michigan thesis, 1949.  There is a copy of this thesis in the Western Michigan University Archives. 

In the book Stalag Wisconsin (Oregon, Wis.:  Badger Books, Inc., 2002), author Betty Cowley notes on Page 5 that the National Archives does not have records of individual camps.  Cowley states that these records were destroyed in the 1950’s.  The National Archives might possibly have some general information, but apparently little to nothing on Michigan specifically.  (In researching Stalag Wisconsin, Cowley relied mostly on newspaper accounts, oral histories and a few secondary sources.)