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Munising, MI

July 6, 2007

MUNISING (place name)


1.    Means “Great Bay” MHC, Vol. 8, p. 159
2.    (Typescript.) History of Michigan Post Offices.
Munising.  Alger Co. (late Schoolcraft)
Established December 22, 1865
William A. Cox, 1st. P.M.
Discontinued April 10, 1873
Alvin W. Canfield, 1st. P.M.
Discontinued May 16, 1883
Re-established January 22, 1884
Merit A. Sizer, 1st. P.M.
Name changed to Gogarnville, October 23, 1889 – disc. July 7, 1893
Name changed from Floeter to Munising, October 23, 1889
Name changed from Munising to Wetmore, December 2, 1895
Munising re-established January 4, 1896
Arthur  S. Nestor, 1st. P.m.
Wood, Frances. Michigan Place names (typescript) 1954.
Munising-Alger Co.  It is an Indian name meaning
“Place of the Big Island”, referring to Grand Island.


John Mullett

July 6, 2007


Exec Acts,

Bond, July 31, 1822, of John Mullett, Surveyor of the Territory.  ALS:  John Mullett, Richard Smyth, Levi Cook.

Moral Rearmament

July 6, 2007


RG 43, Records of Executive Office (Sigler) General Subject, 1947, 1948

Correspondence, newspaper clippings, memorandum from Director of MRA on Mackinac Island.  Details of repair of Island House, lease of Island House by Mackinac Island State Park Commission, etc.

Information and promotion item regarding their films:  “You Can Defend America,” 1942:  “Ideas Have Legs,” 1947; “Drug Store Revolution.”

RG 62-34 Entry 2.  Records of Michigan Department of Highways

Claim of State of Michigan against MRA, 1939-1959

RG 68-130, B9

Records of the Treasury Department.  Regarding 1961 assessment of Moral Re-Armament properties on Mackinac Island.

RG 69-28, B43

Records of Office of Attorney General.  Correspondence relating to Mackinac Island State Park Commission regarding problems of the Moral Re-Armament group, 1955-1961.

Money and Bank note currency

July 6, 2007

1.    Muscalus, John A. Dictionary of Paper Money.  1947. P9.  Michigan Safety Fund.  A plan similar to the New York Safety Fund which was attempted by the Legislature of Michigan in 1836.  It did give the paper money of the member banks some superiority over the others which were often referred to as wild cat notes.  Examples of such safety fund notes are the Bank of Manchester note of 1837 and the $2 note of the bank of Coldwater, 1837.

2.    ____________________.  An Index of State Bank notes that illustrate Washington and Franklin. 1938.

Erie and Kalamazoo RR Bank, Adrian $1.50
Bank of Washtenaw, Ann Arbor $100.00
Bank of Battle Creek, Battle Creek $1.00
Bank of Coldwater, Coldwater $2.00
Detroit City Bank, Detroit $3.00
Michigan Insurance Company Bank, Detroit $3.00, $20.00
Bank of Gibraltar, Gibraltar $1.00
Commercial Bank, Gratiot $3.00, $5.00
Bank of Kensington, Kalamazoo $1.00
Bank of Manchester, Manchester $2.00
Bank of Michigan, Marshall $3.00
Bank of Monroe, Monroe, $1.00, $3.00, $10.00
Bank of River Raisin, Monroe $2.00
Merchants and Mechanics Bank, Monroe $1.00
River Raisin and Lake Erie RR Company, Monroe, $1.00
R. C. Paine’s Banking House, Niles .10 cents
Bank of Shiawassee, Owosso, $3.00
Oakland County Bank, Pontiac, $2.00, $3.00
Bank of Saline, Saline, $20.00
Chippewa County Bank, Sault Ste. Marie, $3.00
Bank of Ypsilanti, Ypsilanti, $1.00, $3.00, $5.00, $10.00

3.    Bowen, Harold L. State Bank Notes of Michigan.  1956.  195 pages.

4.    See also RG 67-50-A (Accessions Box 11) for paper currency, 1775-1915.

Alber Molitor

July 6, 2007


Michigan Alumnus, March 2, 1957,
Executive Office, Box 106, F-2 (Grossman)
Detroit News,      May 24, 1936
June 17, 19834
March 17, 1957

Presque Isle County Probate Court, Liber A, page 13 (will filed December 6, 1875)
Michigan Reports, Vol. 103-104, page 459-472.
Secretary of State, Pardons, Box 142 (Jacobs, Furhman, Vogler, and Grossman on January 28, 1897)
Pardons, Box 143, (Repke on December 29, 1900)
National Archives, 13th Battery, N.Y. Light Artillery

Misteguay Creek Watershed

July 6, 2007


See Report, 1949 in
Selected Correspondence of the Director, Drains

Box 1

Mineral lands

July 6, 2007



1.    CHECKLIST  of U.S. Public Documents, 1789-1909…Congress.  See first session, December 3, 1849-September 3, 1850.  Serial #551, Vol. 3.  Report on Mineral Lands in Michigan.  See same session, Serial #571, Vol. 3, (pt. 3, 5)