Eloise Hospital


From: Mary L Zimmeth
To: HarveyM
Date: 3/9/98 12:40pm
Subject: Eloise Forwarded
Every once in awhile someone asks us about the state facility, Eloise, which was located in Wayne County. To my knowledge, no one has records, especially case files, from this institution. However, Julie has found one record group that you may want to check out at your leisure. I will be surprised if these files are patient case files.
Also, there is an index to all the state mental health facilities (on microfilm) which includes patient names and case file numbers. (See circular.) This microfilm is closed to the public unless they have okay from department. I think Eloise patients are listed on this microfilm.

RG 62-21

Aerial Photographs @ RG 64-38, volume 10.

Pat Waterman (734 727-7064) of the Wayne County Health Department has access to some Eloise patient information on microfilm. She is also aware of a private hospital that inherited some Eloise Hospital patient records. It sounds like the surviving patient related information is relatively recent. The hospital was closed in 1984. Pat Waterman also mentioned a fire in 1994 or 1995 that damaged or destroyed some hospital records.

She also mentioned a Fred Rembisz (734 727-7373) who works for the Wayne County Aging Office. He apparently is fairly knowledgeable about the history of the defunct facility.

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12 Comments on “Eloise Hospital”

  1. Patricia Ibbotson Says:

    Eloise Hospital was not a State facility, so there would be no records in the Archives of Michigan. It was run by the County of Wayne. Most of the old patient records were probably destroyed years ago. The psychiatric division closed in 1979. It was the general hospital that closed in 1984. Frank Rembisz retired several years ago. The Eloise Museum is still County owned and is in the Kay Beard Building, formerly D-Bldg. For information on patient records, contact Jo Johnson at ewjohnson7@aol.com

    • Dusty Says:

      Actually, Wayne County General (The crazy looking blue building out front) did NOT close in 1984. It also did NOT close in 1981 as some websites report. It was still open in 1986 when I got 21 stitches there and was still open in 1995 when a friend and I stepped inside to use a payphone. It closed as a long term care facility, yes. But the building was still up and running as a hospital in 1995.

      • Patricia Ibbotson Says:

        Yes, Wayne County General Hospital closed in 1984. It was sold to Southwest General Hospital and later Oakwood Hospital, but Wayne County no longer operated it after 1984.

  2. Richard Prochowski Says:

    Could you perhaps help where to look for Eloise patient records, I was a patient there in the late 1970’s. I don’t know where to look, thank you for your time. Richard Prochowski

  3. Richard Prochowski Says:

    I’m trying to subscribe.

  4. Richard Prochowski Says:

    I need help obtaining records or proof that I was a patient at Eloise Hospital. Please respnd, thank you for yout time, Richard Prochowski.

  5. dave keenan Says:

    id like to know whos names were on my intake sheet when i was thrown in your funnyfarm back in 75-76

    • Richard Prochowski Says:

      Yes, They admitted me when I was a teenager and diagnosed with schizophrenia. I need a record of it, late 70’s. Please let me know if you have any information. Thank you.

  6. Carol Solomon Says:

    I was in Wayne County General in early 1962 or 1963 for an appendectomy. There were complications and I was in there for one week. Sent home and then back for the actual removal of my appendix. Where can I find these records?

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