1913 Copper Strike

RG 46 Woodbridge N. Ferris Papers: Seeberville Affiar

RG 64-24, Lot 10 (7-21-7) Box 1
Acc. 46 Executive Office
Streeter 6868
Michigan History Magazine.    V.43 (1959), p. 294-314
V.54 (1970), p. 275-292


See research card – Mines and Mining


Finish complaint against America in Rockland Mine Strike.


Old Militia.  Mobs.  Strikes, etc.  Several folders re to strikes in copper country.

Replies to 110 questions submitted by Mr. Walter B. Palmer, Special Agent of the U.S. Department of Labor to Ahmeek Mining Company, Allouez Mining Company, Calumet and Hecla Mining Company, Cetnenial Copper Mining Company, Isle Royale Copper Co., LaSalle Copper Co., Laurim Mining Company, Osceola Mining Company, Superior Copper Company, Tamarack Mining Company during strike in 1913.  Source of papers unknown, material was delivered to Museum after State Office Building fire.  Uncat. N. 1956.  Material includes replies to inquiries, pictures, and printed reports.

ALS to Philip Mason from William N. Davis, Jr., Historian, California State Archives, datelined November 19, 1956, Sacramento 14, California, reports that neither the California State Archives nor the California State Library in Sacramento contain any Mss on copper strike.


Sullivan, William A. “The 1913 Revolt of the Michigan Copper Miners,” in Michigan History, Vol. 43, No. 2 (September 1959) P 294-314; sketch of, 384.

See Executive Office – Ferris – 5 mss boxes

See also    Vandercook papers at MHC, Ann Arbor
Scrapbooks of Vandercook and some material that Vandercook had sent to Governor Ferris’ son, C. G. Ferris, who planned to write a biography of his father.  Apparently C. G. Ferris deposited material with the Collections.

Vandercook Papers at MSU-Museum, East Lansing
Contain originals of Ferris’ letters to Vandercook; the copies in the Ferris papers are press copies and difficult to read.

Senior Paper (U-M) in process, 1963

Supreme Court Case File
RG 96-174
Box 49 #25905

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