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From Rights to Resistance Resource List

May 21, 2007

1.    Archives of Michigan General Photograph Collection – Civil Rights, African-American Groups and Labor photographs, 1860-1970. Online images

2.    Black Legion Records – Michigan Attorney General, 1940.

3.    Thornton Blackburn Case – Detroit fugitive slave case, 1833.

4.    Blanche Coggan Collection, Michigan Antislavery League.

5.    Pearl Sarno Collection – Integration of  Covert, Michigan, 1870-1970.

6.    Michigan Employment Practices Commission, 1960’s.

7.    Idlewild, Michigan – Photographs and textual documents on Idlewild Resort, 1910-1950.

8.    Michigan Constitution Collection – Compare un-ratified 1867, 1873 versions with ratified 1963 in respect to civil rights.

9.    Michigan County Histories Online

10.     Military – Records of the 1st Michigan Colored Infantry, 1861-1865.

11.     Riots in Michigan – Detroit 1943 &1967.  Dept. of Military Establishment.

12.     State Census data on migration – State Demographer’s Office, 1830-present.

13.     John Swainson interview – Commission Day, date?

14.     Ossian Sweet case, 1925-1926.

15.     Jesse Taylor Interview – African American World War II veteran oral history interview, 2007.


Anti Slavery League

May 21, 2007
6 folders .2 cu. ft.
Summary This collection consists of the records of the Michigan Anti-slavery Society (1852-1857, 1960-1982). This organization seems to have had its inception in Adrian, Mich. Its purpose was to abolish slavery and to help slaves escape from the South. The records of the Society discuss the plight of Blacks and how they can be rescued from slavery. The names of many prominent Michigan abolitionists appear in the minutes, which cease after Jan. 1857. The more recent materials relate to Blanche Coggan‘s discovery and use of the original volumes.
Note Blanche Brown was born in Ellicott, Colo., on a cattle ranch. After receiving her education in Colorado Springs, she became a school teacher in Alcona County, Mich. On May 25, 1917, she married Bernard Frederick Coggan and they had four children. About 1925, the Coggans moved to East Lansing, where Blanche conducted a great deal of research in the course of writing her books and articles.
  “Archives Control Number: MS 82-18.”

Detroit Riots

May 21, 2007

1943 Riot: Department of Military Affairs, record group 79-10, 1942-1943 (includes Sojourner Truth housing project materials).

1967 Riot: Dept. of Military Establishment, record group 78-125, 1967-1969; record group 87-51, 1964-1982.

First Michigan Colored Infantry

May 21, 2007

Dept. of Military Establishment, record group 59-14.  Records of transfers, discharges, orders and officer correspondence, 1861-1865.

Fugitive Slave

May 21, 2007

Thornton Blackburn Collection, Record Group 56-26, Dept. of State.  Fugitve slave case in Detroit, MI, 1833.

Covert, Michigan

May 21, 2007

Pearl Sarno Collection, Record Group 2006-27.  Integration in small West Michigan Community.

See publication: A Stronger Kinship by Anna Lisa Cox.

Isle Royal

May 15, 2007

ISLE ROYALE – 1920’s

GII 67 84

Proposed Legislation, 1923 relates to Isle Royale, its Lands, Lumber, Mines, Park creation, etc.  Mentions Isle Royale Copper Co., Island Copper Co., Isle Royale Land Co.  Box 84 Official, 1923.

Isle Royale Natural History Association incorporated January 25, 1963. Contact person:  Wm. W. Dunniere, 87 North Ripley Street, Houghton.

1.     Michigan History.  Archeology 25:344, 345; bibliography 25:352, 353; copper mining 25:337-342; description 22:281, 282; 25:331-353; history 19:449-456; 22:281, 282; 25:331-353; Indian, copper workings, 6:616; 7:155-162; moose and caribou on 10:472-473; Natural Arch, view of 20:325; natural history survey 6:725; reminiscences of 9:398-412; Franklin Isle Royal Expedition, findings 8:450-468; 25:100, 101; Isle Royale Archeological Expedition 13:308-323.

Maps (Michigan History Vol. 25, P353.)  Proposed Isle Royale National Park, 1931.  Michigan Geological Survey Map of Isle Royale, 1928.  Plat of Isle Royale—John Farmer, 1858.  Geological Map of Isle Royale, Lane and Stockley, 1897.  Geol. Map of Isle Royale, Charles T. Jackson, 1847.  Lake Superior Coast Chart No. 8, Corps of Engineers, Map of Isle Royale, Rawlings, 1936.

In Michigan History, 31:436, 83, 238, 168, 433-36, 49; 33:335; 34:112, 114, 124.

3.     Papers of the Michigan Academy of Arts, Science, and Letters.

4.     Michigan Forestry and Park Association, Annual Proceedings, 30th Conference.  (March, 1956) “Isle Royal National Park,” (4 p.) by Robert Gibbs, Supt. of Isle Royal National Park.